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Signal Towers

Pre-assembled Signal Towers

Compact solutions for every area of application

Completely pre-assembled WERMA Signal Towers can be ordered as a compact unit with a single item number, which reduces ordering and installation expenses. Impressive features include their stylish design and diverse assembly options, allowing them to be used in a wide range of areas.


With WERMA’s access control system, you can easily let someone standing in front of the entrance know whether access can currently be granted. This ensures that there are not too many people in the shop or practice at the same time and that the safety distance can be maintained. If  no  power  connection  is  possible  out-side  the  building,  the  Signal  Tower  can  alternatively  be  equipped  with  a  USB  connection  element  which  you  can  connect  to  a  standard  USB  power  bank.

Clear signaling whether access can currently be granted Avoid too many people in the building .More security and efficiency for employees and customers

CO2 Traffic Light

With this traffic light, the current carbon dioxide concentration in the ambient air can be measured and clearly displayed using the three traffic light colours.

The system displays its concentration in the ambient air according to CO2 thresholds: Green (ambient air OK), yellow (ventilation recommended), red (ventilation necessary), red flashing (ventilation urgently required). Eliminate high concentrations of carbon dioxide and aerosols in enclosed spaces based on a reliable reminder for regular intense ventilation. Ensure hygienic and productivity-friendly ambient air . Increased safety for employees and customers

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