Electric Technology

Vision Sensors

VISOR® Object

  • Detectors for presence and completeness checks, position control and simple measurement tasks
  • Precise position determination: x/y-position and orientation
  • Easy to use calibration for measuring tasks. Conversion into mm and correction of distortion and perspective

VISOR® Robotic

  • Calibration methods tailored to the application
  • 2D or 3D localization in robot coordinates
  • Simplified setup through 3D gripper point transformation

VISOR® Allround

  • All detectors of VISOR® Object and VISOR® Code Reader united in one device
  • Multishot function reveals minimal height differences and suppresses printed markings
  • Calibration function for measurement tasks and robotics applications

VISOR® Solar

  • Easy integration
  • Precise position detection
  • Detection of breakouts and holes
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