Electric Technology

Inductive sensors

Typical Inductive sensors

Because of their functional principle, inductive sensors are only suitable for detecting metal objects. But they do this extremely reliably and are also very robust and resistant (e.g. regarding environmental factors), which makes them interesting for numerous industrial applications. They are mainly used wherever the detection of uniform movements is involved – for example as proximity switches for determining the position of transported machine parts such as saddles or hydraulic cylinders, for measuring rotary speeds on vehicle crankshafts, or as pulse generators for motor ignition.

Inductive sensors are extremely precise due to their high repeatability levels. Their simple design and uncomplicated commissioning ensure minimal downtimes. Whether in robotics, in assembly and handling, in factory automation or mechanical engineering: inductive sensors from SensoPart are reliable, require no maintenance, and offer versatile use thanks to the numerous housings and sizes available.  

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