Electric Technology


Industrial Wireless

Industrial wireless systems ensure greater flexibility and efficiency in the industrial communication of data and signals.
Discover the numerous ways in which you can benefit from using wireless technology in your application.
Phoenix Contact provides you with the required reliable and secure products, solutions, and services.

  • Wireless Ethernet
  • Wireless I/O
  • Wireless Serial
  • Antennas and cables


  • Monitoring and controlling remote stations without cable access
  • Increased flexibility with easy and reliable communication with cellular or hard-to-access automation devices
  • The right solution for every application, thanks to the wide range of technology
  • Large portfolio for a wide variety of applications and requirements
  • We use our many years of experience to support you in planning and implementing your application

Fieldbus communication

With so many applications out there, and the need to satisfy specific industry requirements,
fieldbuses are up against some significant challenges. Influencing factors such as EMC load, potential differences, large distances to cover,
increasing numbers of devices, and rising data rates require a high-performance, flexible network. By choosing interface devices from Phoenix Contact,
you will benefit from robust network installations in copper and fiber-optic versions. These help form interference-free,
powerful fieldbus solutions that provide a safe and reliable way of supplying your application with data.

  • Converters and isolators
  • Extenders and repeaters
  • Installation technology
  • Multiplexers


  • Everything from a single source: industrial communication via copper and fiber optics
  • Superior system availability with robust and interference-free networks
  • Enhanced range and speed thanks to high-performance communication interfaces to meet the most stringent of demands